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New Guidance developed for Partner Agencies on Transsexual People and Sport (October 2013)

We strongly believe that opportunities to participate in sport should be available for everyone equally in society, free from discrimination and prejudice. Transsexual people, along with all other communities in society, have a right to participate in and enjoy sport, and to be helped in achieving their potential.  To help make this a reality we have collaborated to develop guidance for partner agencies to ensure that they recognise the implications of the legal framework within which they operate, and to collate good practice ensuring fair and equal treatment for transsexual people seeking to play in competitive sport.  As more transsexual people become involved in competitive sport in the UK, and our understanding of the legal and medical issues that they face increases, we are committed to continuing to develop and share knowledge in this area.  We jointly endorse the guidance and supporting resources. We will work with all partner agencies to help implement best practice and heed the guidance in order to create a sporting environment that is welcoming for all.

The Sports Council Equality Group